What is The Light Phone?

The Light Phone is a discreet credit card sized mobile phone designed to be used as little as possible. It is the only phone designed to be used as your second phone as a seamless extension of you smartphone. It is a stand alone 2G GSM phone that works independent of your current plan, but using our unique software platform it will keep your same phone number. The Light Phone is easily set up and controlled via an app on your smartphone. Other features are limited to ten speed dials and a time display. An inexpensive, pay as you go phone that comes with a SIM card already installed (only offered to the US currently).

What are the specifications?

Color  Matte White
Weight  38.5 grams
Processor  Qualcomm 8208
Display  OLED
Battery  3 Days Standby
Connector  Micro USB
Language  English
Connection  GSM 850/900 1800/1900 MHz

How does it work?

The purpose of the Light Phone is to encourage you to "go light". To allow you to maintain a peace of mind that you are reachable by loved ones without needing the heaviness that comes with birning our smartphone computers with us everywhere we go. It is designed for a certain time and place, one in which you conciously chose to take back your time and attention and truly live in the moment. Lack of features, full of life.

Using our app on your smartphone, "Go Light" by turning on call forwarding to begin routing your calls to the Light Phone. You are then free to leave your smartphone behind and comfortably disconnect from distractions and notifications. You can dial out any phone number or reach your ten speed dials instantly with a long press on their number. You can also set limits through the app, selectively allowing which friends and family members will forward through to your Light Phone.

Take the Light Phone with you on dates or when trying to spend quality time with friends or family. It is ideal for being active or for when you don't want to risk losing your expensive smartphone. It is an everyday back up for when your other phone dies or god forbid an emergency happens. It is a perfect first phone for children or a phone for confidential work environments. An opportunity to spend quality time with your friends and family, but most importantly it's a way for you to enjoy a well deserved break.

But, Why?

We can think of a million reasons why phones are great to have. Yes we live in an era that we can all put a computer in our pockets and bring it everywhere, but does that mean we always want a computer in our pocket? Sometimes you just need a phone, just a phone.

How is this phone different than other basic flip phones?

The Light Phone is the only phone that is designed to be used as a second phone, we have a unique software platform that makes the call management & call forwarding seamless in a way that no other phone can offer. The form factor makes it fit invisibly into your life, and the interface respects the user in its simplicity making disconnecting feel special. Unlike a basic flip phone, Light won't allow you to text, email or anything else, it is the most simple phone designed specifically to work as a compliment to your existing smartphone. The Light Phone, although incredibly simple, is actually running a stripped down version of Android and is quite a smart "dumb" phone which will allow us to continue to perfect the light experience with a roadmap of features.

How do you set it up?

The Light Phone is easily set up using our app on your smartphone. We will be sharing the user guide with all of our pre-orders soon.

Will it work with my carrier?

The Light Phone works independent of your carrier as a stand alone phone with its own nano 2G GSM SIM. That account is managed in the app or website.

Does it text? Wifi? Blue tooth?

No, its takes and makes calls... that's all. The Light Phone is just a phone.

Why no texting? Why ten speed dials?

We are thoughtfully limiting our technology so that we can reconnect in meaningful ways with both ourselves as well as those around us. These were design decisions that we carefully made in keeping to the ethos of what it means to be light.

How much does it cost?

The Light Phone is not yet for sale, but for $100 plus shipping and handling you can reserve your spot to receive a Light Phone. This is a special price for pre-orders and subject to change when it begins to retail.

Can it work as a stand alone phone?

The Light Phone will be able to also be used as stand alone phone, however there are some intentional limitations in place as we designed the phone to be used as a second phone. The Light Phone does not store a book of contacts but rather only 10 speed dials accessed via the key pad #’s 1-0 that is set up through the Light Phone app. The Light Phone only makes phone calls and does not receive sms text messages.

What is included?

The Light Phone comes with a SIM card, and our Light Micro USB cable. We are going to make it as special as possible, expect pleasant surprises.

*Unfortunately we cannot provide a SIM or the 500 minutes to our international backers just yet.

How will I add minutes? Will they expire?

We are still finalizing the details but the goal is for our users to be able to keep the minutes forever and easily add more minutes through our app or website. This of course is subject to our partnerships with telecommunications companies.

How much will the minutes cost?

We are still finalizing the details and do not have exact prices yet, but our goal is to make it as easy and affordable as possible. That being said, we also designed the phone to be used as little as possible, the goal is to not use the minutes at all actually. You can also always use the Light Phone as an unlocked GSM phone without our SIM card.

Can 2 phone numbers forward to one Light Phone? Or can one phone number forward to 2 Light Phones?

We are already a little behind on our software development, this is a feature that may not be available in the first iteration of the app. It is definitely something we are going to work on and hopefully as soon as possible, if not from the beginning, have this feature available.

When will I get my phone?

We are in the final stretch of our initial software development and testing and shipping begins with our kickstarter backers who shall expect to receive their first batch of a few hundred phones in late September. After the kickstarter backers have successfully received the phone, we plan to ramp up deliveries and hopefully deliver all pre-ordered phones by the end of October for our soft launch. Due to a high volume of pre-orders we do not have an exact date and are estimating this fall for delivery. We are shipping in chronological order and regionally. A pre-order will reserve your spot, but you can also fill out this form to be notified of our progress as it relates to your specific region. Learn more about our recent progress by visiting our process blog.

What platforms will it support?

We will be building apps for iOS and Android. There will be support for Windows and Blackberry too. Our cloud software that runs the app is the brains behind Light. Your phone can also be managed via our website.

Will it work if my phone dies?

The Light Phone will work independent of your smart phone, making it a great back up for when your other one dies. You will always be able to place any call, including your ten speed dial contacts from the Light Phone, however, you must turn on call forwarding before your smartphone dies to receive calls forwarded from your primary number.

Is it waterproof?

The Light Phone is not waterproof, however because of its size we plan to offer awesome accessories like waterproof pouches that will push the use cases for the phone quite a bit.

Why credit card sized?

In thinking about how to make The Light Phone as invisible as possible, we decided that by being the same size as an I.D. or credit card, which you always carry on your person, there would always be a place to put the phone. It's a very classic size, so nice to hold, and we think you'll fall in love with it too.

What about * and # buttons?

Two rather uncommon buttons, especially for the purpose of this phone, can be accessed by long holds of different buttons. This will be explained in the User Guide.

What is next for Light?

We are focused on perfecting the Light Phone, but we have so many ideas for the future of Light. We will continue to make beautiful objects that use technology in ways that respect, encourage and empower us to be our best. We are interested in how we can use technology to make us appreciate life even more, not to take us away from our lives.

Is it available internationally?

We're happy to ship the phone internationally however, we cannot provide SIM cards. You will also be responsible for any customs fees. These vary depending on the country you are in so we would recommend checking with your customs office before you pre order. We won’t be able to provide a refund if you reject the shipment due to these fees.

The Light App with call management features is a work in progress and features will be available in various regions on a rolling basis. We are a small team and trying our best to get the Light Phone out and into the world. There is nothing more excited than sharing our idea with the rest of the world, but we want to be realistic about the process required to onboard each region with full software features. The phone will always work as a stand alone device with a local SIM.

The Light Phone is an unlocked phone that uses a 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM frequency and will work anywhere in the world that has a GSM carrier. We're sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

How do I get help & support?

Shoot us an email -

What about smart watches?

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