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designed to be used as little as possible

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The Light Phone II is a premium, minimal phone. It will never have social media, clickbait news, email, an internet browser, or any other anxiety-inducing infinite feed.

It's an experience we call going light.

It's a phone, it calls and texts. There is a customizable menu of simple tools, and a dashboard website to manage everything. There is a headphone jack, bluetooth, and it can be used as a personal hotspot.


The phone uses a unique electronic paper screen, a technology also found in popular e-readers. This does not emit any blue light like traditional backlit screens. It's visible in direct sunlight and limited to black and white, intentionally.

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The Light Phone II is built around a user-customizable menu of tools. All of the tools are custom-designed for our LightOS to ensure a thoughtful, and private user experience.

Available tools currently include an alarm, a calculator, directions, a simple music player, notes/voice memo, calendar and a podcasts tool. The phone also supports hotspot tethering.

We'll continue to release other utility-oriented tools, which will be available with software updates.


Whether you need a break from your smartphone for the weekend or you're ready to ditch it for good, the Light Phone changes how you experience your time. The phone itself is unlocked, and it's up to you how you want to fit it into your lifestyle. Some users swap their existing SIM between their phones while others prefer a unique number for each phone. However, most of our users use the Light Phone II as their primary phone, often with a much cheaper service plan.


Light is not just another tech company. We build all of the tools from scratch to ensure there are absolutely no third party apps tracking you. In this time of 'Surveillance Capitalism' and the 'Attention Economy', the Light Phone represents a different option. You are the customer, not the product. This is a phone for humans.


There are two models of the phone,
optimized for different regions.

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Our own (optional) service plans
tailored to fit the Light Phone II perfectly.

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