Light is a very different design and technology company.





In a time where technology products are being built at an exponential rate, it is more important than ever to ask  "why?".





Our time & attention are the two most important things that we take for granted the hundred of times a day we reach for our screens.




So many products are claiming to "make our lives better". They are engineered to keep us hooked. They are being built & funded because we will become addicted to them, not because we ever needed them. You see, we are human, and we are vulnerable. Being more "connected" couldn't possibly make us any happier.






Our phones have become our nervous habit, our invisible crutch. We find ourselves reaching for them without thinking. We love their illusion of productivity & stimulation that is socially acceptable to abuse. Multitasking is a myth, it is addictive and exhausting. It is glorified procrastination. When we consume so fast, there is no way for us to appreciate anything, and appreciation gives our lives meaning & purpose.


Light was founded by Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang.




We design beautiful objects that respect and empower. They do one thing well. Technology should help us appreciate life more. It should serve, not enslave, us. We don't want to buy more stuff, to be told we're not enough by our feeds, to be tracked or reduced to some data point. We are not anti-technology, we are humans and we're taking our lives back.






The Light Phone is produced by Foxconn in Yantai, China.