Using the Light Phone as your only phone.



Note about using the Light Phone as your only phone:
Although the Light Phone can be used in this way, it was not designed to be an only phone, and there may be limitations or pain points in doing so.




Provide a Nano SIM Card


Nano SIM Card

If you plan to use the Light Phone as a standalone phone you will need to pick up a local SIM card to work with the Light Phone. 

Learn more about the 2G Network.


Desktop App

Although you will not be using our cloud software for call masking, we still strongly recommend downloading our Desktop App to add speed dials and make sure you have the most up to date software on Light Phone device itself.

Learn more about the Desktop App.





More Information


What about voicemail?

Voicemail is handled by the carrier of the SIM card that you install into the Light Phone. Usually there is a phone number they provide you to you for accessing the voicemail system.

What about text messges?

The Light Phone does not currently receive text messages.

What about the #, * , + buttons?

These three buttons, though incredibly uncommon for intended typical Light Phone use as secondary device, may need to be accessed in certain situations.

If you long press X the display will show a # symbol. If you quickly press X again it will begin toggle through those symbols, showing a * and with a third press will show the + sign. To set the character in the keypad, simply wait two seconds.


Need more help?

Shoot us a note, we're happy to assist.