If how we spend our days is "always connected", always staring at our screens, well, that will be how we spend the rest of our lives. Our ability to be fully present in the moment is diminishing quickly as our constant desire to document and share has distanced us from experiencing our lives as they actually occur. 

We might say that we have “talked” to someone when actually we have not. We have texted, emailed, snapchatted, tweeted, posted, commented, or “liked” them. We often connect in these ways while in the presence of others.


Everything is moving us towards more connectedness, fighting for more of our attention and more of our increasingly limited time. These products are engineered in ways that use our vulnerabilities against us. Multitasking is a myth. It is addictive and exhausting. It is glorified procrastination. We’ve become habitually overwhelmed and we are craving escape. 

Why is the same giant computer phone that you bring to work also the same phone that you bring to the beach, to dinner, to bed, or when simply trying to enjoy an afternoon away from email? There are times where you don't need a computer in your pocket, where'd you be actually much happier without one. A carpenter does not have just one tool, a carpenter uses the right tool for the job. The Light Phone is your second phone, it is designed to make the experience of "going light" special. It removes the barriers between us and the real people and real things we love and care about right in front of us.


It's not anti-technology,
it's just human.


Light was founded by Joe Hollier & Kaiwei Tang

Light was founded by Joe Hollier & Kaiwei Tang


We met inside of Google's inaugural incubator and quickly realized that the last thing the world needs is another app. In a world where we are capable of building just about anything, it's even more important than ever to consider what it is that we really want. We're interested in the very personal relationship that we have with technology, from the moment we wake up and first interact with it in the morning until we go to sleep at night. It should respect, encourage, and empower you to be your best. Technology has the potential to be great, and we're here to bring a little bit of human back into the equation. 

Joe is an artist and Kai is a product designer.  Joe has worked doing everything from film, photography, and stop animation to collage, illustration and running a skateboarding company. Kai has 10 years experience in product design development, and as a project lead he has traveled around the world to bring 12 mobile phones to life.


We are not able to do this alone, we have great team of people helping us make the Light Phone a reality. Our hardware team is made up of four engineers that have worked with Kai on phone projects in the past and cover all the areas of expertise. Wolfrey, Alans and Henry are located in China, and Matt is in Taiwan.  They are working daily to oversee our manufacturing partner.  Our software team, David, Kyle and John, are located in Seattle. They handle our cloud platform, the app, and the dialer software on the Light Phone itself. Light is headquartered in New York City, which is where Kai, Joe and our great team of advisors are located.





Wanting less brings
great happiness. 


We are still a very small team embarking on the endeavor of bringing a mobile phone to life. Something that we realized after launching our Kickstarter campaign was just how little we as consumers understand about the process of manufacturing technology. Even making a phone as simple as ours requires enormous supply chains with thousands of people involved. We want to share the story of bringing the Light Phone to life in the hopes of becoming more conscious consumers together. Our goal is that by understanding the process that goes into the objects that make ours lives so privileged we can have a genuine appreciation for the things we own, rather than a constant yearning for more. 



We'd love for you
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