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Google and Hyper Island launched the inaugural 30 Weeks incubator in September 2014. The program was an experiment aimed at transforming designers into technology founders through mentorship and guidance from their network of design, tech, business and venture capital friends.






There were 17 designers from different design backgrounds. Everyone had dropped everything and began working out of a studio space in downtown Manhattan. It was here that we met and began building the Light Phone.



The Light Phone Desk Away From Desk

desk away from desk



The Light Phone Founders Joe Hollier Kaiwei Tang


Joe comes from a design background; he likes to make things and play with cameras. Kaiwei has a product design and development background, and has been working on cell phones for 10 years. 







3d printer design prototypes the light phone



investor pitch 30 weeks the light phone google



winter the light phone studio nyc



the light phone notes incubator



The Light Phone Inc.




John Maeda Design





Joe presenting Light at Google, NYC


"When I joined 30 Weeks I wasn't sure what it was that I wanted to build, but I quickly realized the last thing I thought the world needed was another app."




An interview that Kai did with I.I.T.


"I was tired of building products that I had no passion for...Most of them were driven by technology and didn’t solve any problem because they weren’t designed for users. Then I heard about human-centered design and I knew that was exactly what I needed. It’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life."


Thank you to Robert Wong and the 30 Weeks staff for making this possible. Cheers to all of the awesome friends we shared the experience with and to the incredibly inspiring guests that came and shared their time with us.




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