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We learned from our testing that the phone needed to be as invisible as possible. The value proposition we discovered was in disconnecting from your smartphone, not in our phone itself. We asked ourselves, "what is it that we carry around with us everyday?"


We all carry credit cards and I.D.s. If the phone is the size of a credit card there will always be somewhere for us to put it without it feeling too much like an additional accessory, whether that is a wallet, purse or a pocket. The size also feels really great to hold in your hands.




We went over to Canal Plastics and had them cut us out a few cards. These were basically white plastic blocks. We were able to live with the shapes and give some to our friends as well.




We ended up falling in love with these blank plastic shapes. It was literally nothing, but it felt so good, there was something about the blank white that was so nice. How we could incorporate that into the design of the phone? 




So we took a photo and brought it to photoshop. What if it lit up through the blank casing? We surprised ourselves with how real it looked, it was like a magical little moment. Conceptually it made a lot of sense too. If this device is trying to get us away from our screens, then the fact that it doesn't have a screen and would be blank most of the time is perfect.




It also made a lot of sense from a hardware perspective. The LED lights would be efficient and the touch sensor would allow us to make the phone as thin as we wanted.




The Light Phone is a stand alone GSM cell phone. The reason that we made it a separate phone is that unlike say a Bluetooth headset you will not be limited to any range from your smart phone. Call forwarding will work as long as you have cell service. The Light Phone will also continue to work if your smart phone dies, making it a great back up to bring with you everyday.




We stripped the interface down to it's core essentials. There are no menus to get lost in, you can only check the time or place a call. There is no contact book, we've limited you to 10 speed dials which can be accessed via the keypad #s. We also do not show notifications, so you will not know that you have a missed call or message until you return to your smart phone. We have become so used to checking our phones as a nervous habit and Light wants to help you break that. There will never be anything for you to check with the Light Phone. It is about being present; to finally stop thinking about what might be happening on your phone.




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