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We are not inventing new technology. We’re simplifying existing tech and giving it a new story. We wanted to encourage people to disconnect by giving them a conscious choice to do so. The phone as an object makes that experience special in a way that an app never could. 





We didn't want to make the user feel guilty or bad about using a smart phone, but rather to celebrate those beautiful moments in life where you don't need a smart phone, the times that are actually better with out one. These moments are best when you're fully present. The imagery we use is just that; it's us chasing those tiny sensations of awe that are the world around us. 

The feeling of appreciating the world and people around you. 



We collaborated with Small Stuff Studio on our logo mark




Connectivity is addicting, we realize this. To truly find a balance will require new addictions so to speak, activities that bring out genuine passion. It can be anything, as long as it gets you excited. We are not trying to tell you what to do with your time, we are just providing a tool; a blank canvas; an invitation to take a break. Disconnecting is step one, but what you do next, well that's the exciting part.




We've had the pleasure of working with our amazing friends on pretty much everything and it has been a wonderful experience. We had no budget for this short video. It was a long winter in NYC so Joe flew out to LA and spent the weekend crashing on couches and running around shooting with friends. Back in NYC we continued going out with friends as Spring started blooming. It was a great excuse to spend a few days exploring together and we couldn't have made the video with out their help.



The music is an instrumental version of our friend Gabriel Garzón Montano's song "Naeja". 






In general, every step of the way we've been fortunate enough to have their help, and we think working with friends is an important part of the process.

A special thanks to those that have collaborated with us.
Giovanna Stallings-Blanche, Austin Kearns, Santiago Carrasquilla, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Drew Wolke, Howard Lee, Jordan Merz, Phil and little Grace Ladjanski, Frank Wang, Graham Hiemstra, Sebit Min, Malia Schaarf, Joe Marianek & Dinah Fried.






Light Blog