What is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is a telephone feature that allows calls made to one number to be forwarded to another specific number. Once we turn on Call Forwarding, if a friend or family member calls your primary smartphone number you will receive the call on your Light Phone. You will need turn on/off Call Forwarding when you go light or return to your smartphone.


How do I turn on Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding is a fairly common and universal feature and there are many ways to turn on Call Forwarding. We are going to show you how to do so using your System Preferences on your smartphone.


1. Open Settings


2. Select Call Settings


3. Select Call Forwarding


4. Turn On Call Forwarding

5. Enter Your Unique Light Number 

You can find your Unique Light Number in the email that was just sent to you.



Once Call Forwarding is correctly set, you will see confirmation with the Call Forwarding Icon in your phone's uper status bar.