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"Everyone heralded wearables as the savior that would liberate us from the tyranny of these tiny computers, which is a hilarious joke because what are wearables if not even tinier computers attached to our bodies."



"At the end of the day, the Light Phone was created as a way to give back more than just time, but also give us back a train of thought and focus."



"The Light Phone is pretty much everything your current smartphone in rotation isn't. It's the size of a credit card, has 20 days of battery life, and meant to be timeless—not replaced every year."



"What does it do? Nothing."



" don't have to go completely cold turkey."



"The public seems eager to agree... it might just help us break free from our smart phones,
if only for a few moments a day."



"It's a genius solution for escaping the oppression of our always-on economy and just living in the moment for a change."



"When not in use, the Light Phone looks like a slim white credit-card-size block. When activated, LED lights turn on and show through the case, which gives the whole thing an elegant, modern feel." 



"You could, of course, set up a call-forwarding app and buy a cheap prepaid phone like a Nokia, but the Light Phone is made specifically for being a second phone. Not a cheap alternative."



"Light is, effectively, a pay-as-you go phone that uses a mobile app so it can sync up with your main, addiction feeding device. Once you're out of the house and find yourself missing those dopamine hits from your Samsung, Light's not going to do anything for you. Try Xanax."



"It is ideal as an emergency backup for taking on holiday or on a camping trip."



"The idea is for you to leave your smartphone at home and venture into the great wide world with your eyes open and looking around you, seeing what there is to see, without being able to obsessively check your smartphone."



"...leave behind the distractions of email, Twitter, and whatever life-sucking apps you've convinced yourself you need."



"Why does the information age
have to be so exhausting?"