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We're really looking forward to sharing the Light Phone this fall. As a thank you for your patience, we are able to offer a limited time discount of $25 off of your pre-order cost.

Shipping October 30th, early November delivery.

125.00 150.00
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Why am I having to put money down?

We have always taken pre-orders since our initial Kickstarter campaign ended in late June 2015. We did not want to open pre-orders until we had a solidified production timeline which we have now secured. The reservation was a way to be fair by giving our interested users the opportunity to pre-order chronologically. We're excited to be able to offer a $25 discount to our first pre-orders.

We are sorry for any confusion this process might have caused. There is no additional payment after the pre-order, you are essentially buying the phone in advance. You can chose not to pre-order, wait until October 30th and we will put any remaining phones that did not get pre-ordered on the website for immediate purchase. It is likely that we may pre-sell the entire next batch. We will try to produce as many phones as we can, however our customized parts have pretty long lead times.

When will I get my phone?

We expect to have all the pre-orders shipped by October 30th. Shipping times vary by region, but are typically 2-7 days. We have solidified our production timeline and included a buffer, but there is always a risk in manufacturing hardware due to a variety of factors that something might get delayed. We will be prompt in our communications if there is a slip in the timeline, and do everything in our power to ensure that we hit our late October goal.

How does the service work?

The Light Phone is a GSM mobile phone which requires an active SIM card to work. We’ve included a SIM inside the packaged phone and built a platform that allows the Light Phone to maintain your primary phone number.

We are able to provide this SIM/platform for $5/month or $25/6 months.

There is no obligation to use our SIM/platform however, you will need to find a suitable SIM (The Light Phone is a 2G GSM phone. T-Mobile or one of its MVNOs like Ting support the 2G network).


If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us