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Return Policy

As a super small company, we can only currently refund phones returned for manufacturer defects. This means that we can not accept returns for simply being disappointed in the product or no longer interested. Attempting to modify the phone's internal software or the hardware also disqualifies it for a refund.

We can always also refund orders that have not yet shipped, or phones returned to us still in their shrink wrap.

We will provide a prepaid shipping label for you to send us back your device if we determine the cause to be a manufacturer defect. For unopened returns, we will not supply a prepaid shipping label if we've already shipped your order. Thank you for understanding.

Return Procedure:
If your Light device has a manufacturer’s defect, you may return or exchange it within one year of your order date.

In order to return or exchange your device, you must first email us at:

Please keep in mind that device must be undamaged and in like-new condition, other than the manufacturer’s defect.

How to prepare your phone for a return:
Please remove all account information from the device, prior to sending to Light for return.

You can factory reset your phone by going to:
Settings > Account & Info > Factory Reset

How to return or exchange your device:
Once you have followed the steps above and obtained pre-authorization for your return or exchange from our support team, you will receive an email with instructions for how to complete the return.

Please keep in mind:
You must return the device and accessories within 14 days of the return authorization, or we will not refund your purchase.

Devices must be received in undamaged condition, other than the factory defect, within 30 days of discovery of the defect and no later than one year after delivery, to be eligible for a return. Warranty is voided by resale.

When you return or exchange your device, please include any accessories that were included.

Have more questions? Email us at:

Price-Adjustments for Sales

Should Light reduce the price of any Light-branded product within 7 calendar days from the date you placed your order, or if you are waiting for an outstanding pre-order, please feel free to reach out to us to request a refund or credit of the difference between the price you were charged and the current selling price. To receive the refund or credit you must contact Light,, within 14 calendar days of the price change.