the Light Phone (international)


the Light Phone (international)


The Light Phone is your phone away from phone.

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This is for an international Light Phone (outside of North & South America).


The Light Phone


Designed to be used as little as possible, the Light Phone is your phone away from phone. Whether it be an afternoon stroll, coffee break, night on the town, or a dinner date with someone you love, going light affords us the space we need to spend quality time free of distractions or notifications.

The Light Phone is your second phone, a casual 2G mobile device for going light. The Light Phone only makes and receives phone calls. It can store 9 speed dials accessed by a long press of the corresponding number on the keypad. It is intentionally limited to this feature set and is the only phone designed to be used as a second phone.


The packaging of the Light Phone.





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An active SIM is required because the phone does not rely on tethering (i.e Bluetooth) for connection, and it will work regardless of its proximity to your smartphone. The Light Phone uses a 2g GSM capable Nano SIM card to function. In some regions it is possible to acquire a duplicate SIM, which is ideal as the Light Phone will then automatically use your same number at all times.

You can also read some of our Frequently Asked Questions about the original Light Phone.


The Light Phone is set up through a desktop app on your computer.

A quick overview of how you will set up your Light Phone:
1. Turn on your Light Phone & plug it into your computer.
2. Download the desktop app: .
3. Add your speed dial contacts.
5. Manually set up call forwarding from your smartphone. 
6. Turn on call forwarding, and unplug the Light Phone.
7. Enjoy being light :)
8. Return to your smartphone and turn off call forwarding.


Specifications of the Phone

Color :  Matte White, or Matte Black
Weight :  38.5 grams
Processor :  Qualcomm 8208
Display :  OLED
Battery :  1-3 Days Standby / 45-90 Minutes Talk
SIM Card :  Nano SIM
Connector :  Micro USB
Language :  English



International Details


Unfortunately we cannot offer SIMs at this time for international orders and the Light Phone will ship as an unlocked 2G GSM phone. You will still be able to use our app to update your Light Phone and manage speed dials, however, you will need to purchase your own Nano SIM from a local carrier. The cloud software platform that we offer in the US will not be available for international users and the most notable feature lost will be masking outgoing calls with your primary number. In some regions it is possible to acquire a duplicate SIM, which is ideal as the Light Phone will then automatically use your same number at all times.

We’re happy to ship the phone internationally for a flat $35 shipping fee, however, you will also be responsible for any customs fees. Customs fees vary depending on the country you are in so we would recommend checking with your customs office before placing an order. We won’t be able to provide a refund if you reject the shipment due to customs fees. Thanks for understanding, and we apologize that this is out of our control.

The following regions do not support the 2G network of the Light Phone:
Australia, Singapore, Japan & Korea.





The Light Phone is currently available in limited quantities for immediate purchase. Unfortunately this may be the very last time to get your hands on an original Light Phone. 






For more information, visit our frequently asked questions ,
or reach out to us directly at: